Making sure that you and your family are secure is possible when you have good locks on the doors around the house. While locks are a good start, there are many types of locks and home security systems available that will even make your house more secure. The Protecht locksmiths offer many types of home security services in Las Vegas and Henderson NV to protect you and your loved ones.

Home Security Locksmith

Before your house can be made secure, a locksmith will need to go around and look at your existing locks, doors, windows, etc., to determine how to best improve your safety. Once the assessment has been made, recommendations can be given, enabling you to pick and choose the best systems for your budget.

Change Your Locks

Our home security services start with changing the locks on your doors. Protecht home security locksmith can do it easily and quickly by either rekeying the existing locks or by installing new ones. This will prevent anyone who already has a key from entering your property without express permission from you. This should always be done after buying a new house or renting. Door locks can also be made more secure by making it harder for the locks to be picked and they are also more bump resistant.

Electronic locks can be added, too. These locks are preferable because you do not need to worry about carrying a key with you – or losing one. You can also change the code when you want. Wireless entry is also available – similar to the one you use for your car. In any case we will offer you best home security options

Deadbolts Added

If the entrance need to be made more resistant for access control system, deadbolts can be installed. Doors can also be reinforced. The locks can also be rekeyed by our home security locksmith so that the same key can be used with your deadbolt and door locks.

Home alarm and surveillance systems

Video cameras can be added to be able to view entryways and walkways to let you know when someone is outside. Access control system can be connected to many electronic devices, particularly smartphones, enabling you to see who is on the property at any time – even when you are away. We recommend only high-quality house alarm systems companies and reliable devices.

Security Doors

For extra protection, security doors can be used to replace your existing entrance, or be added as a storm door. They are available in very attractive styles and can match your decor. The doors are available as singles or doubles and can be added to any external door. The locks can also be made to match your other locks letting you use just one key for all of them.

Special Locks

One of the easiest places of entry into many buildings is through a patio door. We can also provide special locks for patio and sliding doors to make them more secure.

Home security services in Las Vegas and Henderson Protecht provides services to help you protect your home and family better. All of our friendly locksmiths are licensed and insured, and we always aim for customer satisfaction. We will take care of your best home security options in Las Vegas or Henderson. Call us at (702) 988-6408 for more information.