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The largest and arguably the most popular city of Nevada, Las Vegas, possesses a desert climate which is mild in the winter months with cold nights and generously hot summer. The city is situated in the Mojave Desert encircled by very tall mountains. Peaking with their quite rocky terrains, the mountains serve as a natural stop to the flow of water from the nearby areas influencing the arid climate. The city is blessed with a great amount of sunshine all year round, averaging about 310 sunny days in a year. On the average, the daily temperature usually gets to an outstanding 105℉(40.6℃) in the peak summer months alongside an average low temperature at a chilly 38℉(3.3℃) during the peak winter months. With the great amount of sunshine and hot weather, a scanty rainfall is the implication. Las Vegas represents one of the driest places in North America averaging about 26 rainy days in a whole year.

 Locksmiths in Las Vegas and Henderson NV
Locksmiths in Las Vegas and Henderson NV

What Is The Impact Of Heat On The Doors & Locks?

There is no denying the fact that the hot weather here in Las Vegas is a major source of concern for all property owners in the area. Locks and doors are complex and heavily dependent on all the parts to function properly. Hence, the hot weather has led to a tremendous increase in lock problems throughout the area.

Somer doors expands in the heat and do not close or jam in their frames due to the expansion. Whereas metal locks and uPVC mechanisms are particularly affected by the heat as their lubricant are drying up causing the pins and springs to stuck and break which ultimately leads to the mechanism of the lock stop working. Additionally, your house keys are also highly sensitive as they are mechanical objects which can be affected by the Las Vegas trademark hot temperatures. Even when kept in bags, hands or pockets, their suffering continues. They are tossed, thrown, dropped and their exposure to the heat will make them even suffer more. Therefore if proper care is not taken, they can be easily damaged and then, won’t be able to fit your lock.

Keyless locks are not left out of this heat brutality and could also be affected in a number of ways. This includes mechanical problems which usually occurs when keyless locks are exposed to extremely low or high temperatures. Also, keyless lock owners can experience jammed push buttons on keypad contact with excess moisture and potential battery life shortening when the locks are subjected to extended periods of high temperatures. Consequently, it is of great importance to regularly maintain your doors and locks to guarantee a perfect working condition for a long period of time.

Wind & Dust In Las Vegas – Impact On Locks

Located in the Mojave Desert, the wind and dust in Las Vegas ensures nothing is safe and free from damage. The mechanical locks and keys are one of the hugely affected objects and hence, the need to protect them from direct exposure to the intense wind and dust in Las Vegas. The durability of your doors and locks can spell the difference a pile of wet splinters and an intact home. The biggest headache you’ll face as a result of wind and dust is deadbolts and jammed locks.

Top Lock Maintenance Tips

Just like any other home appliance and tools which you’d like to keep in great shape and proper working condition, locks should also be maintained from time to time. Locks are hugely integral component for every home and commercial setting subjected to a highly frequent and daily usage. Thus, they are more susceptible to a number of challenges from time to time. And even though they have been crafted to last for years, only regular maintenance will extend their lifespan and ensure they remain in tip-top condition at all times. You don’t have to hire a locksmith to do simple lock maintenance. In this section, we’ll take a look at some surefire lock maintenance tips that’ll ensure your locks are in top condition always.

✅ Check For Proper Door Installation

When your door is poorly installed, this generally leads to stress on the door bolt which can affect the proper functioning of the door and even cause damage. As a result, it is essential to check that your door has been correctly hung with the space remaining between the frame and the door being proportionate on both sides.

There are many ways to determine whether or not your door has been correctly aligned. A good example is when your door scratches, drags or leaves marks on the floor when being opened or closed. If not corrected as early as possible, this may cause misalignment of locks.

✅ Examine Your Door Hinges & Strike Plates

 Physical components like the hinges and strike plates usually determines the door’s position. In an event whereby the screws available in the hinges are not big enough, the door might bend which is vital in preventing any form of forced entry. In same manner, extended screws should be incorporated to attach deadbolt plates to the wall frame and studs behind it.

To ensure the locks stay in a good working condition, both the dead-latch and deadbolt should be properly aligned to the strike plate.

✅ Ensure Regular Cleaning Of Your Locks

Thankfully, locks cleaning is as easy as it gets. All you require to clean the dirt from the exterior of the lock as well as handle is a soapy water and a soft piece of cloth. Do not use hard chemicals while cleaning your locks to avoid damage over time.

✅ Ensure Your Locks Are Properly Lubricated

It is very essential to oil your locks on a regular basis, however, try to refrain from the use of petroleum-based products which can cause locks deterioration over time. Your best bet remains graphite lubricants, but you can also incorporate dry lubricants such as Teflon due to their work efficiency and easy usage. Simply spray the lubricant inside the key way and the latch area, insert the key and turn severally to remove all dirt and make the lock key system a lot smoother and easier to use. This should be done once annually.

✅ Duplicate The Original Key

When a single key is being used at all times, it tends to wear out faster and become obsolete. Consequently, it’s always a great idea to have a backup option by copying the original key and keeping in a safe place.

Do You Need The Services Of A Professional Locksmith In Las Vegas?

Are you facing some problems with the lock in your home or office? Then, it’s vital to hire the services of a reliable locksmith as soon as possible. The lock experts at Protecht are well trained and passionate about handling lock issues all day, every day in any area of Las Vegas or Henderson NV. They work to identify your lock issues, advise and proffer surefire solutions on whether just a repair or replacement is required. Contact us today and discover how locks can truly guarantee your security.