It is trendy and beneficial to use solar panels in Las Vegas. Lots of sunny days as though speak that you should use this merit of the local climate for your benefit. That’s what we offer you in Protecht! Get the most innovative energy source for your electricity supply from us!

What Types of Solar Panels Suit Business Goals

In Las Vegas, solar panels are used both for residential and commercial properties. Yet there is no skeleton key to fit both these types of properties. Just let’s consider what features should commercial property solar panels in Las Vegas should have to maintain all the needs of the owner.

  • Power the panels maintain. Solar panels for a home in Las Vegas do not need to be very powerful, especially if the homeowner also uses standard centralized electricity besides them. It is a completely different matter when the energy of solar panels is used for business purposes. Even for the power supply of a small office, in which numerous office equipment is installed, a much larger power source of energy will be required. If we are talking about any plant or manufacture facility, we shall multiply the required power by at least 10 times or even more to provide its work.
  • Battery capacity. Commercial properties require solar panels with a much larger battery capacity to have the required supply of electricity and to maintain the work impeccably.
  • Non-failure operation. This is one of the most important features of solar panels for commercial purposes. Such panels are simply required to work flawlessly and reliably.

At Protecht, we have made these three principles the philosophy of our business. We offer the best green energy business solutions in Las Vegas for businesses and commercial property owners of all kinds.

How to Get the Best Las Vegas Solar Panels for Commercial Properties

Depending on the power needs of your commercial property, the available space and the space for installing solar panels, you can choose the right equipment. And for this, you may need the help of professionals.

Today, for commercial real estate, the most common methods of solar panel installation in Las Vegas are as follows:

  • Ground systems. Such structures are installed directly in the free space on the territory of the facility. This is an excellent solution for industrial purposes, equipping local power plants or large commercial facilities installed outside the city.
  • Solar panels installed on the roof are suitable for almost all types of commercial properties. The exception is buildings with penthouses or facilities located directly on the roof of the building.
  • Facade solar panel systems can be installed in multi-storey buildings facing the sunny side of the facade. This option is suitable for office buildings and shopping centers.

There are also special mounting systems for solar panels, thanks to which you can install them as part of the construction of sheds or the roof of parking lots. Our company will help you get a solar panel project that will fully meet your needs for electricity for a commercial facility and the features of a commercial property for which you need a power supply.

At Protecht you will receive all services in the field of design, selection, installation and maintenance of solar panels in Las Vegas.

Commercial Solar Panels in Las Vegas

Protecht’s Offer: Why Choose Us

What makes our company the best commercial solar panel supplier in Las Vegas?

  • We have been working in this area for a long time and have an impressive portfolio of completed projects for commercial facilities.
  • Our company is a team of like-minded people, and our specialists are always ready to create individual projects, find non-standard solutions, and provide customers with exactly what they need in the field of green energy.
  • We have all the necessary licenses and permits for the sale and installation of solar panels for commercial facilities.
  • We offer panels only from reliable manufacturers. We carefully select the equipment for our customers and guarantee the high performance of the solar panels that are used in our projects.
  • We offer fair prices and favorable terms of cooperation for business. You won’t find better deals in the green energy market in Las Vegas.

We are open to offer you cooperation with us and we are waiting for you to provide you with affordable and eco-friendly electricity from solar panels in Las Vegas. Just apply for a consultation to get even more information about Protecht’s offers for businesses and commercial property owners.