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When it comes to ensuring the safety of life and property both in your home and office, we strongly recommend a security camera installation for effectively monitor your environment. By selecting to put in place a surveillance system, you can spot intruders and unauthorized individuals within your home or commercial space with relative ease. However, not all security camera system solutions are created equal. And that’s exactly why we exist – to give you the best security services at unbeatable prices to both home and offices in Las Vegas and Henderson NV.

Installing cameras on house with Protecht

We offer high-quality services for your safety. Security camera installation by Protecht has a lot of benefits:

Security camera installation Henderson NV

Highly Proficient Technicians

Protecht puts forward a team of competent and highly skilled technicians who strive to deliver security solutions in the most professional and effective way.

Customer Satisfaction Driven

So call us for installing surveillance cameras outside your apartment. We are customer-oriented and with just a phone call, you will have local security camera installers right at your doorstep, ready to help. Our industry leading technology and proven track record has propelled us to be the ultimate choice for home, businesses and commercial customers like for their surveillance and security support needs.

Latest Technologies

Our surveillance home security cameras are able to provide video intelligence for a number of applications which includes cargo and object tracking, facial and license plate recognition and lots more. We have NVR & DVR Systems that can carry as much as 4 cameras, others in our possession can allow 8, 16, & 32 cameras. Depending on your requirement, we can install various kinds of cameras like dome, 180 degrees, IP cameras etc. This also includes special outdoor camera setup like eye-level cameras, UOD’, HD, LPR devices, people counting systems, low light cameras and more.

Security camera installation Las Vegas NV

Parts Supply

Get premium quality security camera systems installed in your home or office including PTZ devices, dome and covert cameras. They can all be programmed to deliver effective surveillance coverage of your environment.

Technical Support

At Protecht, we do not install and disappear. We strongly believe security is an around the clock necessity. Consequently, we have put in place live operators who are available 24/7 to answer any home security cameras questions that bothers you.


We possess a wide inventory of replacement parts for various camera brands and models. So if you need your surveillance system fixed, you can also trust us to be up to the task.

Home security cameras in Las Vegas &

Henderson NV With a wide range of innovative security camera systems available in the market and numerous features to choose from, it can be a hassle to know the perfect camera for you. Hence, we provide you with the required information to identify the perfect equipment to ensure the safety of your property and loved ones. Our services are incomparable and we deliver them to the highest standard at the most affordable prices.

Contact us for a security camera installation in Las Vegas or Henderson. You can also get a free consultation right today.