At Protecht, we aim to protect both people and property with our top security system service covering all of Las Vegas NV & Henderson NV. As a result, we offer world class brands of equipment and install a wide array of top quality, valuable and functional electronic solutions to our clients – both residential and commercial property owners, tailored to perfectly suit their risks and operational environment.

Working closely with our reliable advisors, home and business owners (in Las Vegas & Henderson NV) can work with Protecht to create a detailed solution that may include security system installation services, as well as other professional solutions which can help keep your loved ones, employees and assets, safe and secure.

Choose Protecht for a More Secure & Safer Life!

Our culture is deeply rooted in the quest for excellence. Consequently, the philosophy of our business is built around professionalism, trust, partnership and state-of-the-art technologies to deliver the best value and reliability for several years to come.

Do you need a security system for your facility in Las Vegas or Henderson NV? Or do you need a high-quality surveillance system at home? From premium quality security cameras and access control systems to the new intercom, video surveillance solutions and advanced management solutions, Protecht is well versed in the art of protecting both people and property. We can design and install a plethora of powerful systems for fire detection, intrusion detection, video surveillance, access control and lots more.

Security System Installation and Service

Let’s help you establish the perfect security, emergency and automation system for your facility. Our security solutions are perfectly tailored to your lifestyle, budget and unique needs.

Security System Upgrade

We possess extensive experience and skills when it comes to upgrading security systems. We carry out a comprehensive inspection of your devices and develop a great list of Upgrade Security System options available.

Security System Repair

With several years in the industry and great level of expertise, we’ve can proudly say we’ve seen it all when talking Security System Repair. We can easily troubleshoot your safety devices and offer effective solutions in little time.

Security System Service in Las Vegas and Henderson At Protecht, we have successfully put together an expert team who works extremely hard to ensure delivery of the best possible security solutions to all our customers, designed to their unique needs, lifestyle and budget. So why hesitate? We provide the best security system service for both home and business owners in Las Vegas and Henderson NV. Contact us today.