You and your employees will enjoy a greater feeling of security by letting a business locksmith make recommendations for improvements. There are often a number of things that can be done for greater safety, and some should be done almost immediately. The Protecht knows how to secure your business with our commercial locksmith services in Henderson NV.

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Security Assessment

Many times some simple but necessary ways to improve security are overlooked. By getting an assessment, many ways to increase your security are discovered, and you`ll be on your way to having a more secure workplace.

Rekey Commercial Lock

One of the first ways to improve your security is to rekey commercial lock. This can help prevent employees who are no longer working for you, or who are disgruntled, from gaining access to the building during work hours after.

If the locks are not very good ones, you may need to change the locks for better quality ones. Deadbolts may also need to be added to some doors.

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Doors and Locks

Protecht business locksmith can install the types of elements you need to protect your business and special spaces. This includes exit doors, automatic door closers, and alarms. Everything that we install will meet all building and fire codes as well as give you the secure spaces you need.

Locks can also be added or changed on desks, safes, cabinets, and more to restrict access. We`ll recommend key-entry, push-button, or digital, fingerprint, and more locks, depending on the degree of security you need.

Сommercial door lock repair

Commercial locksmith services will be useful when you get locked out of your property or break a key. A locksmith can open the door for you. Also, you may need a commercial door lock repair. Broken doors can be repaired or replaced as needed, and video systems repaired when they break down.

Master Key System

At Protecht, our commercial lock services can provide your business with a master key system. This system provides keys to employees that will only give them access to certain spaces. This helps you control where they go and where they cannot enter. A master key is recommended to be given to the business owner that will provide access to all spaces. This service provides access to the office only to the right people.

Video Security Systems

Preventing theft helps to eliminate unnecessary losses. That’s why commercial lock service is so important for your business. Video cameras and monitors in your workspaces help to reduce theft and keep more of your profit.

Video Security Systems can also be set up at entranceways, letting you see who accesses your building at any time of day or night. Recording this information often helps to solve crimes when one is committed on your property.

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Protecht business locksmith (Henderson NV) will provide all services you need. We provide and maintain everything from the initial security assessment to the installation of all needed equipment. We aim for customer satisfaction every time. Our friendly locksmiths are available 24/7 to ensure that we are available when you need us.