Getting locked out of house can be very inconvenient when you have lost the key – or left it inside. A similar problem is when you find that you cannot lock your door because the lock or key is no longer working. In both cases, you can get fast residential locksmith services from Protecht.

Front door locksmith

Doors can become locked at most inconvenient times. You may have stepped outside to get the mail or go to your car for some item and discover that you are accidentally locked out of house. This can be a real problem if you have young children inside, or if it is cold and you do not have a coat on.

If you are locked out of house, a front door locksmith can help you, even if the key is broken in the lock. They have the tools they need with them. If you want, or if necessary, they can also make new keys for you if you have lost yours.

Change door lock service

If you have just moved into a rental property or bought a new house, you may need a change door lock service. If you rent a house or apartment, you can also benefit by changing the locks. For added security for yourself and family, this is advised because you never know how many keys are floating around and who has them. A locksmith can change the locks, upgrade the type of locks on your doors, and even put in more secure doors.

Residential Locksmith Henderson

Rekey locks

If you want, a locksmith can rekey locks. This means that they simply rearrange the tumblers in the locks so that the old keys will no longer work. New keys will be made to open the doors.

Electronic house locks

Electronic house locks eliminate the use of a key. You simply punch in the numbers and when the right code is entered, the door unlocks. This means you no longer need to worry about losing the key, and no duplicates need to be made.

Increase Security

In addition to getting a rekey or electronic locks, our residential locksmith services can add more security devices to your doors. They can make it so that the locks are also bump resistant, and more resistant to being picked. Doors can also be reinforced so that the locks are not broken easily, and deadbolts can also be added.

Special locks can also be added where they are needed, such as on sliding doors, windows, and more. Locks can also be installed on gates, pools, and more, which will make them more secure.

Residential locksmith services in Henderson NV

When you need residential locksmith services in the Henderson, NV area, Protecht is there for you. Our friendly front door locksmith is licensed and insured, and we are available 24/7 to help you.

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