With wide-screen TVs continually getting bigger, flatter and larger, coupled with space growing even more premium in Las Vegas NV and Henderson NV, the smart choice would be to install your TV on the wall. In such event, you get to save floor space while also making the most out of your wall space. Simple as it seems, you’ll never know until you get a large TV, lay your hands on the home TV mounting kits and try putting them together and mount. More often than not, a screw or two is not gotten right and when TV is mounted, it all ends up crashing to the floor.

Protecht is here to take out the hassle and prevent the “had I known” after feeling, with a fast, solid and professional television wall mounting service that delivers an immediate peace of mind.

Why Protecht?

As a customer satisfaction driven company, not only do we always deliver the best quality television wall mounting service, but also at an affordable price. Being well aware that you have invested a considerable amount of dollars in procuring your television set and definitely want to get the best bang for the buck, what we offer you is a top notch, value-unlocking service. And this is a quality which has continuously set us apart and help us dominate the market in both Las Vegas NV & Henderson NV.

TV Wall Mounting Services Henderson NV

Our Approach

  • ☛ Pay adequate attention to the details of home TV mounting and client’s requirements.
  • ☛ Develop the best approach to achieve your set targets.
  • ☛ Review the approach and our planned actions with you.
  • ☛ Execute the plan agreed upon
  • ☛ Offer 24/7 excellent customer care service.

We have a professional team of TV wall mounting experts that are fully dedicated to ensuring that every job is a stand out and enviable success. They are professional, very friendly and always willing to answer any question that may bother you. It is the quality of their output that has constantly helped us earn customer’s trust and build solid relationships over the years.

Professional TV mounting in Las Vegas and Henderson

“How can I install my TW on the wall?” – people often ask. Our advice is, do not do it yourself. One destroys your wall or hurts you physically, while the other can only make your wallet lighter. Are you looking to mount your TV in your home or office in Las Vegas NV or Henderson NV? Come to Protecht – we’ll ensure you get the perfect TV wall mounting services you’ve always wanted. Contact us today.